It’s time to get wet! Top 10 Diving and Snorkeling sites in Malta for this summer

Within the many outdoor activities, one can do in the Maltese Archipelago from hiking or cycling to climbing, one thing is for sure, that water activities are our strength.

Stand Up Paddle, Kayak, and even Surfing is possible in Malta, however Snorkeling and Diving are the most popular water sports to do in Malta. For the clarity of the waters, for the mysterious and gorgeous underwater caves, for the marine life diversity and also for the enigmatic sunken ships, it is that the Maltese Archipelago is one of the best spots for these activities that you can find in the world.


So, where are the Top 10 Diving and Snorkeling sites in Malta? Let’s discover them together.

1.       Marfa Point, Cirkewwa

Good for night dives, with moray eels, octopuses, and corals.

2.       Ahrax Point

Off Marfa Ridge. Huge seaweed meadows shelter abundant marine life. Good visibility for photos.

3.       Blenheim Bomber, Marsaxlokk

The remains of this World War II plane make for an interesting but difficult dive.

4.       Delimara Point

This site is reached by boat. Groupers and stingrays are often seen in this area.

5.   Fungus Rock, Gozo

Several good sites cluster around Dwejra; this huge rock, covered in marine life, is one of the best areas to explore the wonders of the sea in the Maltese Archipelago.

    6.     Azure Window, Gozo

Another scenic dive at Dwejra. Huge boulders shelter abundant marine life.

7.      The Blue Dome, or Cathedral Cave, Gozo

One of the best diving spots. The light reflects onto the vast ceiling, creating ‘the blue dome’ effect. Here you will be able to see seahorses if you are lucky.

8.     San Dimitri Pint, Gozo

Accessible only by boat. There are shoals of barracuda and much other fish.

9.      Lighthouse Reef, Comino

Perhaps Comino’s best site, with a chimney through the reef. Marine life includes sea horses and starfish.

10.     Santa Marija Caves, Comino

Several caves, some offering spectacular swim-throughs. A very good photo spot.

Additionally, we could include the many little corners of the beautiful Comino Island, the Coral lagoon in Mellieha or St Thomas bay for an amazing snorkeling experience without much equipment.

If you are a freediver you would love to know that many of the sunken boats around Malta have easy access and are not too deep for you to explore, especially the one on Manoel Island and Comino.

So don’t forget to pack your diving essentials for your trip to Malta as it is a great opportunity to explore not only the surface but the deep blue sea in its magnificence.


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