What’s for lunch? Top 10 culinary highlights to try during your vacation in Malta.

Malta is well known for its history and cultural landmarks as well as for its pristine clear blue waters, and mysterious caves, characteristic of the much-loved Mediterranean Islands.

But is not just its geographic and ancient sites that captivates travellers around the world to visit our Little archipelago, Malta is also a great destination for foodies! You don’t believe us? Take a look into our top 10 culinary highlights to try during your next holidays in the Maltese Archipelago ;)


Also known as beef olives similar to the Italian version. They are made using slices of beef or veal stuffed with a mixture of cheese, ham and herbs, then braised gently on the stove or in the oven.

Pastizzi and Qassatat

Pastizzi – Malta’s favourite snack – are tasty, diamond-shaped pastry parcels stuffed with ricotta cheese or a pea mixture. Pastizzi stalls can be found everywhere, and virtually every old-fashioned bar will offer its own, homemade versions. Qassatat is similar to pastizzi but made of a lighter pastry and round in shape.


Fenek is the name in Maltese for the rabbit! Is the most popular meat in Malta, and a favourite for festas* and special events. It is prepared in countless ways, but the most common include rabbit stew made with wine and flavoured with herbs, rabbit fried with garlic and herbs, and a simple dish of spaghetti served with a rabbit sauce.


These small round cheeselets are typical of Gozo and are made from goat or sheep’s milk. There are two common kinds: the plain, which is smooth and creamy, and the peppered version, which is piquant and perfect with the local crusty bread and a slice of tomato. These cheeses are often used to flavour other dishes, such as soups.

Maltese Bread

The Maltese are just proud of their excellent bread. Most villages have at least one bakery, where you can pick up delicious hobz (small soft rolls) or ftira (a ring-shaped loaf that is similar in texture to Italian ciabatta).


This nougat-style sweet is made with almonds and honey and is traditionally eaten at festivals and special events. There are always several stalls selling qubbajt at village festas, but it is also available year-round from stalls and local shops. It is said to date back to the Arab occupation of the Islands, as we could find it similar to the turron in Spain as well.

Soppa Tal-Armla

Maltese cuisine boasts many delicious soups, including minestra (vegetable soup) and the traditional soppa tal-armla (literally “widow soup”). This name probably comes from the simple ingredients, which include potatoes, courgettes and other vegetables, plus a dollop of ricotta cheese or ġbejniet cheeselet.


Mqarets are scrumptious pastry parcels, filled with a date mixture and deep-fried. They make the perfect sweet snack and are delicious if fattening.

Torta Tal-lampuki

This fish pie is made with lampuki, a prized local fish that is only available for a short period each year (usually from September to November). Such is the demand for this fish that rights to catch it are granted by the lottery. The pie combines the fish with vegetables, walnuts, olives and raisins, and is considered a great delicacy by locals.

Hobz Biz-zejt

These are chunks of bread brushed with olive oil and topped with a mixture of roughly chopped tomatoes, onions and herbs. They were traditionally considered a humble snack, akin to Italian crostini, but have acquired a sophisticated cachet in recent years and are regularly served in smart bars and restaurants as appetizers.

Feeling hungry already? Talking about so many delicacies now made us thirsty! We can also satisfy ourselves with a Cisk Lager or a Kinnie, both also traditional and popular drinks in Malta.

And with this, we end our top 10 list of culinary highlights to try during your vacation in our Islands, share and comment if you have some additions to our list or would like to know more about it.

festas* are traditional and village parties, being primarily a religious celebration that comes along during the summer season mainly.


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