Any Walkie suggestion for the Spring and Autumn? We have a few!

Malta is not only about beaches, historical or cultural sites, but its landscapes can also be really captivating for those travellers who love to have long treks and walkies too! And when is the best time to explore the islands by walk? Spring and Autumn are definitely the winning seasons.

 Say no more! Come and join us in this journey of discovery and adventure.

1-   Victoria lines: Fomm Ir-Rih to Bahar ic-Caghaq

This long, 30-km coast-to-coast hike follows the remnants of the Victoria Lines, British-built fortified walls that looks like a little Chinese wall! Begin at Wild Fomm Ir-Rih (or at Mgarr easier access with public transport), and follow the walls through cliffs and valleys to Bahar ic-Caghaq.

2-   Siggiewi to Dingli 

This walk (10km) takes in the stunning Dingli Cliffs. Begin in Siggiewi, pass the pretty chapel of Tal-Providenza, and reach the cliffs at the Underground Chapel. Follow the cliffs to reach the giant golf ball of Dingli radar station at their highest point. Continue on to Dingli to pick up the bus back.

3-   Circuit of Comino

This 8-km walk takes a couple of hours. Begin at the Blue Lagoon and take the dirt road to Santa Marija Bay. Follow the curve of the headland (no marked path) to the highest point of Comino. Walk towards St Mary’s Battery then continues around the coast to the Comino Tower and back to the Blue Lagoon.

4-   Delimara Point 

A circular 8-km walk from Marsaxlokk takes in both sides of the point. Make for the bay of IL-Hofra Zghira, follow the coast to Peter’s Pool for a dip, then to Delimara Point. Return the other side for views of Marsaxlokk Bay.

5-   Selmun and Mistra Bay

Our walk starts from Selmun Palace (nearest bus stop to arrive here is Barkazza otherwise you can drive and park at the chapel) from here we walk the valley to reach Imgiebah Bay, a beautiful and less known sandy beach. We then continue to walk along the coast to our right side reaching Fort Campbell and the Salt Pans of Il-Blata Il-Bajda with beautiful views to St Paul Island.

Continue the easy coast path to reach Mistra bay. Passing on the beach and hiking up the hill you will find a cave formation on the ground.

There are many other hikes and walks that you can do around the Maltese Archipelago we have just pointed out a few of them.

If you are planning a trip to Malta soon and you are a bit lost, we can recommend you to contact us here for some guided tours.

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